13 May 2010

mumspiration hiatus

If you've been popping over to my blog lately, you will have noticed that I have not been posting for some time now - unfortunately life has gotten in the way and blogging has unfortunately dropped to the bottom of my list of priorities. Juggling a toddler who has suddenly developed sleeping issues, plus still adapting to life with two kidlets, plus some home projects = just not enough time to devote to this blog. Thus I have decided to leave blogland for a while to take a breath, regroup, and direct all my energies (what's left of them at least!) into being the best wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, home decorater etc that I can be. So adios for now - I've had a wonderful time with this blog and perhaps one day I will return to it, although with returning to work on the distant horizon, plus perhaps adding another child to the fam (if I can convince hubby AND solve toddler's sleeping probs), it may be a long time until I do. Thanks to all my readers, followers and those who have left me comments. xox Eira

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